More CYS BS! (really.. when? when is it gonna end?!?)

this never ending cycle of shit really needs to stop.. i didn't go into this saying, i want a foster child! i did this because i saw a child in need of a place to go.. i saw a child in need of a loving home.. when his own family wouldn't even step up and give a shit and i gave that child all the love and care i could. and as usual.. with out fail.. somehow.. my good deeds never go unpunished.. i got yet another ridiculous phone call today from little t.. this time magically enough its about his things again.. no surprise there.. "i had court today.. they said this is my last phone call to you" i respond accordingly with "why?" and get this "because they want you to bring my stuff to me.. you have had four months to do it.. and so on.." ok.. so.. wtf? not one call from CYS to me? not one?!? and these pompous arrogant shit heads have him tell me again. best part, they tell him that someone called.. dude.. utter shit! utter and complete shit! i am home alll day.. i have not missed one fucking phone call.. they have my cell phone number.. not one voice mail or missed call there either! i really tried to give them the benefit of the doubt.. but why bother? save the fact that i didn't know they still wanted his things due to the fact that last i had fucking heard he was coming back to my house?!? guess that went out the goddamn window! way to step up to the plate and have the balls to tell me! they came saw my home.. tested my water, gave me false hope, then trampled all over my dreams. you know i cried tears of joy when then told me he was coming home? i bawled my eyes out for an hour straight! why don't they just take the broken pieces of my heart? apparently i don't need it. i loved that child as my own.. it didn't matter that he wasn't.. i was prepared to give him everything. they have stripped me of every last shred of dignity i had left. it figures though they are all the same bunch of government bureaucrats thinking they know everything and can walk all over people from their high places of power, not stopping for one second to consider how their actions effect the people they so offhandedly discard. for the love of god come get the damn stuff! take it from my freggin home so i can wash my hands of this whole fucked up thing! i am so fucking wholly sick and goddamn tired of it! it's no wonder so many families get torn apart.. if CYS would do it's goddamn job and stop fucking with the wrong people and start worrying about the right ones maybe this world would be better. maybe less children would be being beaten to death by the parents CYS lets have children. and you know what? FUCK NICK!!! I FUCKING HATE HIM!!! i would not be in this fucking boat if it wasn't for him! everything would be goddamn fine!!! but hindsight is 20/20.. AARRGGGGHHH!!!

** Update: IM i just received from the kid "and if u dont bring my stuff down she said she wiill try to get it cort oder" ok.. really? for real? like what the hell? a court order? are you fucking kidding me?? like i want this stuff or something? was CYS going to tell me he wasn't going to come back here? or was i going to be left to guess? i would have brought it all there if i had known!! but nooooooo no one has the fucking balls to call me.. unreal.. just unreal...

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