So .. today like yesterday.. i get to fill out more forms.. *sarcastic yippee* i wake up to my mother telling me i need to do this right now, and that it is so imperative that i do it right now, that i can't even take a ten min shower. *groan* fine.. so i roll over half dead.. still haven't even opened my eyes completely yet.. haven't had my damn coffee yet and get started filling out mooooree forms... aarrggh ... these people want your blood too i am convinced of it.. i think they actually sit there and come up with the most obnoxious questions to ask of you.. just to deter you for wanting health insurance. now i am listening to eric telling me that "cars no-longer have soul like the fire breathing cars of yore" and that "they are faceless transportation devices.." *sigh* eric.. god love the man. "cars had personality they had character, that's what makes car hobbyists tick! nobody lusts after having a Toyota, no kid has pictures of a Toyota on their walls! no! they have heart machines! That's what we call them, because they had heart!" i think eric is mourning the car market.. it sure sounds that way.. i don't really get into cars that much.. my little "faceless" honda civic hybrid makes me very happy.. and i think its purdy :) well, i can feel a nice migraine coming on from all this stupid paper work.. not to mention.. worrying about dan.. (he's driving in the snow for the first time today *shudder* and we all know how i do in the snow and i've been driving alot longer) he left begrudgingly to visit his family today.. i am going to just go to Mehoopany tomorrow at two for thanksgiving dinner and then home again.. Michael will be in Wilks-Barre.. (hehe.. let him deal with his bitch of a mom) i am actually kind of excited to see the Overfield/Olin clan tomorrow, it's unfortunate Lloyd won't be there, i just hope tiffany and joe are. of course before dan left i forgot to get that recipe off of him that i gave him to hold on to.. so i may have to suck it up and call my mother again and admit defeat hehe and i have to remember to get the little presents for the grab bag.. so much to do.. and i am so tired yet.. maybe some coffee.. or something? well.. back to theses horrid forms!

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