The Tussin..

ok.. so like seth and i were talking about the dumb things we used to do.. and he just described LMAO "robo-tripping" like this "omg i loved that. powerhouse a bottle then lay back with some trippy tunes.... the first time i did it i felt like i melted into the bed, and was a new-wave Alice in wonderland... i was chasing a rabbit with a tussin stain on his chin" i seriously felt the need to share this due to the hilarious mental picture it produces. or the ever wonderful " i have never seen puff the magik dragon" when discussing wither or not marijuana produces a hallucinogenic effect on a person. it seems someone was told that it does.. and this some one was misinformed.. sadly so. yea for the media! i soo love propaganda. Tobacco accounts for 440,000 deaths a year in this country. (yet it's still legal) And alcohol accounts for roughly 50,000 deaths a year. (yet this is still legal.. and easily available) Meanwhile there's never been a person in the history of mankind that's died from an overdose of marijuana. It is just not toxic enough. If it were made legal or decriminalized we would find that there were fewer victimless criminals clogging our prisons and wasting taxpayer money for recreationally smoking a little pot. Sticking a "first offender" in jail only creates more financial strain on the taxpayers, and needlessly.. its not like the streets are safer because some doper is in jail.. no.. just means there will be more Doritos in the store for you to buy. The courts, police, and lawyers would have time to deal with REAL crime. We would take away, if not slow down, the huge black market profits the drug kingpins are making. We would be able to ease some poor person's suffering.(and this is something i really stand for.. ) We could seriously reduce the transmission of HIV and Hepatitis. We could control the quality and dosages so fewer people would get sick through contamination and overdose.

and on that note.. i also have to share Sethisms... "phantasmagorikal:" only used when something is so astoundingly amazing that there are few other experiences to match it, not to be confused with "fantabulous" which is one step above fantastic and fabulous
*sigh* my friends are soo very strange! lol

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