Soooooo.. what a day.. filling out forms.. lots and lots and lots of forms for health insurance.. wOOt ... yeah not.. i am EXHAUSTED! but i got to listen to oz all day which was a treat.. i hope everyone will tune into him on tuesdays.. it's totally worth it.. and to think he doesn't get paid for that! it snowed all day today.. it was beautiful.. gigantic flakes, and they were falling very slowly so it was just a winter wonderland out there.. no, no pictures or movies of it today.. my weather obsession did not get the best of me today.. paper work did.. i had to list every damn pill i have been prescribed in the last 5 years.. omg did that take forever! talk about frustrating... but.. the money saving end result makes it worth while. so the stupid gas co came today too.. and of course.. guess who didn't get gas? hehe.. me.. fuck. they are coming back tomorrow at 9am.. so i have to run to the bank tonight at some point.. thank god for ATM's cause i am probably going to make one of my famous 4 am trips to Scranton.. ew.. Scranton.. *vomits* i need to switch banks.. for real.. and i gotta run to Wall-greens and get this prescription business straightened out.. which is thankfully next to my bank and 24 hours... so.. list of things to do tonight.. for now.. i think its nappy time.. i didn't get more than 3-4 hours sleep sooooo im beat.. *passes out*

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