Time to Complain...

I am really irritated by this whole gay marriage debate.. it really is quite sickening to me.. (not gay marriage that there is even a debate) it has been scientifically proven that there is a gene that causes homosexuality.. a fucking gene people... its hardwired.. hello!! so why because someone is genetically different do they need to be denied normal rights in things that people with out this gene hold sacred? If my brother wants to marry well goddamn-it he should be able to.. it's like people are looking for yet another thing to make a federal case out of.. are we really this bored? and here is freggin eric.. "oh if you let the gays get married next its going to people wanting to make love to a billy goat!" WTF?? how does billy goats and homosexuals even come close together.. apparently to him its a fine line. that attitude really pisses the shit out of me. who are we to step on another persons happiness?!!? god fuck this country. its so god damn retarded!


Ich bin traurig, dass Leute der Notwendigkeit glauben, Ihnen zu erklären, wie man Ihr Leben lebt. Ich bin, dass diese Welt kalt und rücksichtslos ist, dieser Tag im Alter traurig, das diese Sachen nicht eine Ausgabe sein sollten. Ich liebe dich und denken Sie, dass Ihr Glück sehr wichtig ist.

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