2 am scranton trip...

So after sleeping the day away because i felt like crapola.. i decided i wanted to run to scranton to get milk ours was not very umm... good? lol what was i thinking? so we set off (john and i) and went on our merry way, i had dan on the phone so lucky him he got to hear all our stories of brushes with the law from back in our drug days. poor thing lord only knows what he was thinking. we sounded like a bunch of washed up hippies, reminiscing about days gone by. we had the pup with us so we decided to go to mc donalds and get her two double cheese burgers. she was being such a good poopers. so while we were there i got a dose of "now i know why i don't live in scranton any more" it's these little reminders that make me soooooo happy to live out in Moscow, and that thing with Nick doesn't seem so bad, seeing as how that is what forced me out of scranton to begin with. we were waiting online at the drive through and everyone was of color, we were the minority, not that that was the problem, but this couple came out and were fighting the guy hit the girl and they were screaming i said wow.. so the cops will be here soon, and within like a min all you hear are sirens and three cop cars pull up. well i was parked in the drive through line and the car with the fighting couple was in the space adjacent to me.. i was rather concerned they would try to leave fast and hit my car. but thankfully that was not the case. and the poor puppy was going crazy she 1. hates fighting.. and 2. hates cops. i decided to hang the phone up incase they wanted a statement.. which they didn't thankfully, though i did know the plate number. they never caught the people. seems mc donalds is a hot spot at 2:45 am for the drunks to convene. we didn't get out of there until like 3:22 and then went to big tits for some doughnuts and then turkey hill for the milk then home. all the while listening to Mazzy Star.. god i loveeee Mazzy! lol.. now i'm home and its 4:02 am.. whoopee.. time for bed! lol

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