So i expected janice to be on her usual bitch kick, she wasn't so bad. she showed up about 30 mins into my shift, and really didn't give me the hell i was waiting for about taking her on the outing. and i was thankful for that. not sure if it had to do with the employee satisfaction surveys or not. :P but while she was there she complained to me alot about crystal. we both looked in the closets and saw mayhem, how is it that one is so inept that they cannot fold sheets? it literally looked like they had been thrown in the closets. usually i would just fix them but she told me to leave them and talk to crystal tomorrow. then i find that crystal who should damn well know better forgot to record I & O for the one guy. so i left her a note. and found that she pulled the peg tube of a patient halfway out. its just been one of those nights. i also made plans to head to Dan's on thursday, i only hope that can happen.. but lord with the snow we have anymore out here.. god only knows. but thats the least of my worries. i defiantly could use some time out of Pa though. my mother planned a trip to North or was it South Carolina? i can't remember which.. but one of the two.. i can't wait for that though i doubt i will get the PTO for it. i would love to go on that too, just me her aunt nancy uncle bill and daddy. that would be really nice. well.. i dunno.. i'm just exhausted... and numb.. and just whatever.. so i'm going to bed.. *sigh* another night going into another day..

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Unfathomable said...

I know the feeling for that :/

If you get to go on vaca to sc/nc though enjoy if you can :)

&; Kash