In a Nutshell.. or am i the nut?

So.. this has quite possibly been the most hellish week ever.. or have i said that already? If it weren't for my love of Mazzy i probably wouldn't have slept at all at night.. *sigh* janice has been cracking the whip as any good slave driver would. i wonder if this is her form of getting her reparations? taking it out on white people. i am most certain at this point its white people she doesn't like. she treated all the people who work there of color much better than she does us. but thats neither here nor there.. the bitch is nuts! and thats that. I get her that stupid receipt and i think things will be alright.. one would think at this point i would have realized that she will NEVER be happy and i really should just stop trying. but i am a hopeless dreamer i suppose. i never let reality quite get a hold on me, thus creating my own reality, one more suited for my way of life i suppose. my personal delusions help keep me sane in a way. if i were to obsess over all this nonsense.. i would loose it.. if i haven't already. ha! every day its the same old thing, i wake up go through my morning routine, call and talk to dan or eric for a while, and make the mad dash to get to work.. i trudge in forlorn waiting for the explosion of insanity flowing from Janice's mouth, i wait to see what she will find wrong and believe you me, she looks. anyways i digress.. with the receipt thing it was finally a non issue after two days of worry and a bunch of rigamarole. i was finally at peace with it. now she is calling twice during the 3-11 shift to make sure we don't have any questions, my fault for not calling her about the receipt, which she would have screamed at me for anyways. i can not even begin to explain how awful it is to wake up each day and know that it's probably going to be worse than the one before it. well we got a bit of snow.. what else is new? Crista did transport. She told me there were three accidents on 307 (or if you are janice its "the 307" god does that piss me off) so i called janice, her thing is "this van can not leave this house if dunmore or north pocono schools are closed" which i checked they weren't. so i called her to be sure she wanted me to do the community life activity that day. which is what she wanted me to do, because she "doesn't trust my decision making skills" thanks oh so much. she doesn't answer the phone, at this point it had temporarily stopped snowing, and the roads were clear, i waited for 45 mins for her to call back. she didn't so i left. i went to the hair dressers with the woman i was supposed to take. thinking janice will be quite cross if i didn't do the outing. yeah i was wrong, she was mad that i did. or whatever she was. so now i have this looming over me, yeah for tomorrow. so if you all are wondering where I've been.. i've been trying to just find some amount of peace. which seems impossible. i love my job, i love the people i take care of, i hate that i cant just enjoy it. i can't just do right by them. she has ruined much of my faith in humanity. but yeah.. that's in a nutshell how things have been going.

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Jackarooo said...

sounds like you'll never make this woman happy and if she is treating other staffers diffrent than you based on your pigmentation then you NEED to file a complaint that is discrimination and a mess of other things that she CANNOT do ... screaming at you like she is is also not alright in the eyes of the law you need to stop her from doing this file complaints with the company and if that doesnt work go find a civil rights attorney they will jump at the 'reverse discrimination' case b/c it is so unheard of in this country