Jax and Easton Say What Now?????

So i set out to meet up with Jackie... to prove her bitch ass mother wrong.. and wrong she was! although, the starting out part didn't work out so well.. i got a ways before realizing that the whole point which was to bring her her jacket was not in my car and had to run home to get it... *sigh* im a dip! i met her half way, in Easton of all places! a place michael described as the BPT of PA haha oops. She picked it. Well we start off.. and i swear the GPS was smoking something, i kept going where in the fuck is 380?!?!? it was like IMPOSSIBLE to find lol.. it took us in the most assed out retarded way possible, but we found it after passing through some back-woods-country-watch-your-corn-hole kind of town. talk about scary! there were like real life out houses, must be were cousin eddie resides. "lets go find yer sister!" i'm pretty sure i uttered the words "oh fuck i hope the car doesn't die, were gonna get raped." i mean it was trailer park heaven, there were hubcaps on the lawns, broken cars, decrepit gas stations, would make for some good black and white pictures. there was even a helicopter with like a wooden inside.. that was special! About when we passed the tumbleweed (yes a real one) on 248 and i was wondering if jax was trying to get us killed, i get a txt from her.. "i am 90% sure there are no bathrooms here, and that is frightening" we had a good laugh at that b.c we had worse problems haha.. so then john was on the phone with walter and not watching the GPS and i wasn't cause i was driving and all so i missed a turn, it took us 10 miles out of our way on 611, he then explained to me all i had to do was follow the blue line. and we all know the blue line will take you off cliffs and into lakes! so we ended up in the town of Wind Gap.. which btw.. was omg windy.. so it lived up to its name! which doesn't surprise me, the only problem was my little two ounce honda civic hybrid was about to flip over making travel above 75 mph impossible.. and you all know how i feel about that hehe. we talked to jax on the phone while we were getting attacked my a subaru and horrific flying leaves, it was like it was autumn all over again.. they were all over.. i even smelt autumn in the air.. it was.. interesting to say the least. i kept txting her and dan while driving too.. almost ran a red light, its almost like a sport, txting and driving.. you have to make a genuine effort to stay on the road, and not to get pulled over by the cops for dwi! hehe. so we get near the destination, and the GPS ends up dropping us at a police station and john starts bugging out.. he really doesn't like pigs.. not sure what's wrong with the gps.. but where is this mall? finally it resets and we find the mall thank god! to which the response was "AHHHHH! OHHHH! AHHHH!" i then did the asshole two spot park.. i mean hell i got my car back two days ago.. john found it amusing that my 2 oz car took up two spots. (it seemed note worthy then) we then ate at this diner johns food looked like poop. it was umm.. fun.. then off to scranton.. on the way we got attacked by a twig of death falling from the evil sky.. almost giving me a heart-attack. and uh.. wind gap was still windy, go figure, there was an asshole driving slow in the fast lane it made me a bit irate.. but i kept a level of calm.. couldn't wait to just get back! not having my phone and getting stuck with the one i have which is a zombie phone that has an added eardrum murder feature.. on both ends.. is just annoying.. thankfully ill have a new one within two days. and can someone tell me when gas went back to 1.97? did i miss that? oh and get this.. its was snowing in Moscow when i got back.. wow.. go figure.. haha.. thats all for now..


Lost said...

Wow, some adventure! And yes.. his food DID look like shit. Blugh.

BluExtacy said...

i know right? narsty.. he tried to put those french fries in the shape of a "no" before i snapped the pic..