Wanted to share with you guys the B.S. of my night... Gay Conservatives Need Not Apply... this is really some bulllllll shhheeeeeiiiittttt!!!!! read through the comments to understand why i said what i said... disgusting is the best word for it..


Jackarooo said...

I posted on there this morning apparently anonymous cant read to far ahead ... I bet that is the hippo person...yeah I never called you gay ...1/2 gay I did call you... I'm just never going to talk about you on there again apparently people aren't intelligent enough to scroll down and see where such comments would come from

BluExtacy said...

and apparently i'm not intelligent enough to look for myself.. you are right in what you said.. wish i had known that i would have said it last night.. damnit! that guy pissed me the fuck off.. and it wasn't so much that he called me a lesbian, it's that he automatically assumed that i was based on my defense of you and what he thought he saw you say, with out first asking me. It's that judgmental attitude that makes me think it is hippo.. what he said was VERY judgmental..

BluExtacy said...

though i really shouldn't have fed the gremlins..