So it appears I am stuck here.. working another double shift.. yeah 18 hours straight... god this sucks soooo bad.. like omg. I have everyone in bed and John, Michael and Mocha came to drop some stuff off.. I made the lunches.. not sure what to do with myself now.. hummm... gotta clean the place yet.. that's what the overnight shift gets to do, sweep and mop the floors, clean the bathrooms, fold and put away the laundry, at least I can catch up on some paperworkish stuff.. *sigh* i'm already bored and my normal shift only just ended.. its like 11:03 pm.. aarrgghh.. oh well.. gotta do what ya gotta do.. right?

So you would think that having put myself out there that Janice would be kind to me about the whole eggplant thing, nope.. not a change.. its like i dunno.. 9:25 am and i am just getting home.. how much does that suck? i was nothing but nice to her only to have her freak on me anyways, i hadn't realized she changed the I&O sheets either, apparently she told crystal to tell me.. well she didn't so.. yeah.. thats.. that... *sigh* i give up.. there is no pleasing that woman no matter how hard you try. non at all what soever.. your best is never enough.. what a great end to a 20.30 hour shift.. FUCKKKKKKK

I'm gonna attempt to go to bed now..


Lost said...


BluExtacy said...

yeah.. i did.. for only four fucking hours.. i hate hate hate that bitch janice!

Lost said...

Seems like it, she sounds like a total bitch. I'd cuss her out, but that's just me..