What's REally Important?

It's funny, Khai said to me today something to the effect of he doesn't know a thing about politics because it's just not important to him. I only wish I could think like that sometimes. In his position especially, I would imagine it would be a major issue. As you can all tell from my last entry, we are having it out with some internet gremlin on Gay rights, or at least that's what the argument has since ballooned into and tempers are flaring. I have chosen to opt out of most of it just commenting where its intellectually sound to do so. It occurred to me that I have gotten so pathetic and feel so strongly on the issue that here I am at work checking on the debate from my cell phone, which to me means I am entirely way too involved. It just was something I felt really strongly about, when someone attacks a friend of mine I automatically go up in arms. It just really all stems back to what I always say about how as a society we have become so closed-minded outright refusing to think that another persons ideals, religion, sense, what have you, could possibly be right. We follow blindly like the little American sheep that we are listening to the news casts believing everything we hear, letting societal norms dictate to us what is right and wrong, versus what we think and feel. Ever being forced to fit into a category or mold of a person we somewhat represent. We let Colleges and Universities fill our head with their way of thinking, that only someone who went to College could think. We as a nation have be so striped of our individuality it makes me sick. Good healthy debate has been turned into people spitting back an overflowing fountain of tripe they have heard from the media and books, (i don't mean respectable books or respectable news sources, CNN and CSPAN sit at the right hand of the devil) they no longer take the time to question what they, as a person, really think, they don't consider if any of what is being said really makes sense. They deliver sob story after sob story, and yet do nothing. They think they have all the answers, and no one else is right, even if someone is telling them something based on personal experience, vs what they have read somewhere. Since when did personal experience have no bearing? This country is headed for destruction, and the mass population is to blind to see it. It's just so sad. We have become so consumed by image, so consumed by greed, by money, by material objects.. I mean really we can't be heading anywhere good. But fuck what do I know? I have to be the most inarticulate blathering moron this side of the coast, prattling away with my personal view which I know no one shares with me, and I know I sound like some aged hippy retard. but you know what, of all the people, of all the ideas, the beat generation and the hippys had it right. Question everything, follow nothing. The number one issue on peoples minds should be what makes them happy, what gives them life, find that one thing and focus on that... this life comes but once.. really consider.. what's REALLY important?


Lost said...

"Since when did personal experience have no bearing? This country is headed for destruction, and the mass population is to blind to see it. It's just so sad. We have become so consumed by image, so consumed by greed, by money, by material objects.."

And it's things like this, that keep me far away from the politics of this country. There is no point in even worrying about any of it, because all it would do, is stress me the fuck out. No one would think twice about what I had to say, what I felt about the situation. I'm nothing but a high school drop out, who's dumb as a door knob. At least, that's how they would see me.

I am brilliant, I have a genius IQ, but I have no education to back it up. I guess you could call me a rebel. I realized soon on that with out that 'education' no one would take me seriously, but that there pissed me off. So, I quit school. If people can't listen to me, and know that what I am saying is true, just because I don't have the degrees to back it up, fuck them.

Fuck them. I don't need them in my life. I worry about me, and mine. Worrying about who is in office, etc, is just going to hurt me. In the long run, it's going to hurt. I'd likely die of a massive heart attack at 45, if I allowed myself to care about the politics of this country. Corrupt as it is. I don't see it changing.

I know I can't change it, but one person at a time. Slowly but surely, I am changing it. Changing it where it matters most. Those of us on the bottom. If I can help make the life of one person better, by showing them, and letting them find what truly matters in this world, like love, trust, honor, faith, with in themselves, and those around them (not political figures) than I have succeeded.

I then move on. This is my life. It is how I chose to live it. I have enough to worry about, when it comes to will I have something to eat tonight? Or do I have enough warm clothes for when it gets too cold? Can I pay for the electric and gas, while barely making minimum wage, at ten hours a week? For those that follow politics, more power to you.

Just like I'd appreciate being allowed to ignore them, I think they'd appreciate me ignoring that they follow them. To each is own. What makes you happy, makes you happy.

What makes me happy? The people in my life, in my immediate life. Not those in office. They don't give a rats ass about me, or about anyone but themselves. Least that's what I've only come to see. Who knows though with Obama in office, he seems to be one that actually cares. Let's see how long that lasts.

I could keep on, but I wont. I'm ending this now.

What is really important to me? Me. You. Mine. Ours.

BluExtacy said...

and that is why i love you soooo much :) lol.. wonderful rant.. *round of applause* see you get exactly what i was trying to say..