The Shit Has Hit The Fan!!!

So, I go back to work, having only had 4 hours of sleep.. I am thinking well I went a bit above and beyond for janice, maybe she will be nice.. WRONG! again!! so apparently yelling at me in the AM wasn't good enough, she had to carry it over into the afternoon too. well.. I lost it.. I started bawling my eyes out like a little bitch, go me.. damnit, then she didn't let up, didn't show any type of remorse, which doesn't surprise me, I am pretty sure she has no heart. Here I am running on empty, begging god for death so I can get some damn sleep, and she is ripping into me. All because I suggested if she is going to put exotic things on the menu could she please leave directions on how she is expecting it to be prepared. she considered that to be condescending so i guess that wasn't right to say. So this went into a 20 min lecture, about how apparently I need to be more organized, like fuck dude.. right now? you need to do this now?!?! yeah apparently so. I don't need to be more organized I just need to give a shit, which I don't thanks to her. honestly, I don't care about this job any more, there is no pleasing her no matter what I do. so why bother? the motivation to not get yelled at only takes a person so far. I love the people I take care of, I love the aspect of taking care of them, but she has created such a hostile work environment I don't ever want to come here any more. I dread seeing her truck in the driveway because I dread the words that are going to flow from her mouth when I arrive. I dread the condescending notes she leaves in the shift exchange. I dread even having to look at her face, even if she is in a good mood that day, I know she will make some demeaning comment. And apparently I am supposed to be a mind reader. I think that she likes to holler at people because it makes her feel powerful, some people get a small taste of power and just run with it. Well I told her all this today, in not as calm and not as tactful of a way. I just really don't care, not one bit! Fire me, let me go, do what you have to I don't want to be here in an environment that is detrimental to my health and well-being. fuck this. To make matters worse after all this crap, I had to deal with food bowls being thrown, stripping, screaming, hitting, vomiting, and biting.. this has just all been too much.. and I seriously just can't wait to go home.. I am going to snap..


Jackarooo said...

ok so rally what would happen if shit really hit a fan????

BluExtacy said...

it would be spread all over the walls.. like i want to do with her guts