It's been a while..

So in my absence of writing.. quite a bit has happened.. i had an interesting trip out to dan's house, the being there part was great.. the getting too and from not so much, the GPS went all nuts on me again, on the way down it got me lost in Harrisburg, which apparently i shouldn't have been in at all, with a crack dealer heading towards my car at 3 am in some alley way.. yeah that was fun, then on the way home it got me lost in avoca on some dirt road that was not good for my car then told me to go 7 miles straight which in about two brought me to a cliff.. so.. yeah.. needless to say.. i didn't continue on. so in the midst of all this, the first night i had left at 11:30 pm after saying good bye to the pup and i was TIRED already, and starting to come down with a nice round of being sick but i went anyways cause i'm crazy like that. and i am happy i did. and next time i am going to mess with dan's books something awful. :p and maybe be well enough to eat the food he cooks.. lord i suck. and on the way back i was even sicker (thats really a word?) so yeah anyways.. it was eventful.. i feel god awful today, and i am back not a day and find out that john is leaving, which is like the worlds biggest fuck you. after spending every day off i had carting him and that stupid sara chick around, i guess he doesn't quite grasp what i did for him. i took in someone i hadn't really talked to in years, trusted him, (after he dumped me on valentines day years and years ago btw) and i took in the girl he was with who i had never met. not knowing what to expect. and as you all know she turned out to be the worst. i had high hopes for john, i really and truly thought he was going to be the one person who didn't dog me out in the end. i was wrong. it seems everyone i try to help out fucks me over in some way. you put yourself out there, and people have a way of throwing your good nature back in your face. of all the things he lied to me and said he wasn't given a choice and had to go home. when i talked to his parents i was told that he called them and basically begged to go home. apparently he has a problem telling people the truth and owing up to his choices in life. not that i am the least bit surprised, he reminds me of my brother. i wouldn't care if i hadn't given up so much of my free time to filling out paper work and all that what not. all he had to do from that point on was got to scranton counseling and wait. all the hard stuff was done. but whatever.. what's done is done, close the book, turn the page and good riddance!

LMFAO!!!!!! John has me blocked on AIM now how do you like that shit? how's that for a big fuck you? hahahahahahahaha


Unfathomable said...

O.O That's some crazy shit about the GPS. Glad you're okay though.

&; Kash

Jackarooo said...

I hope you never think I fucked you over... you helped me lots and I appreciate it

BluExtacy said...

no jax, you are the one and only person i CAN'T say that about and i love you dearly for it.

BluExtacy said...

thanks Kash