John.. this one is for you...

I want you to know, i see so much potential in you, i have know you so many years now, i have seen you through so much.. watched you grow, watched you fall.. from a distance maybe.. wither you knew it or not.. i kept tabs on you.. when you made the bad choices you did.. my heart ached for you, and i knew there was nothing i could do, you had to learn for yourself. as we walk this rocky road called life.. one thing i know is true.. like i promised you all those years ago, i am not going anywhere... you will always have me to fall back on. and you will rise above.. like a Phoenix from the ashes of the pain and torment and shit that this world has piled upon you. i understand you, if no one else does, and i wish nothing more than your happiness. and i will stop at nothing to help you achieve that. your heart is pure, your emotions are true, and your intentions are good. you will without a doubt change the world, you will do great things.. you will make someone so happy. you can do this. don't ever for a second doubt yourself. don't look back, don't think, just move forward. be all that you can... because i believe in you. i always have and always will..

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