"a cereal for each residence"

I just told eric a story about Captain Crunch... (because he asked if fat jen's grandmother got her law degree out of a cracker jack box) apparently jen's grandmother took it upon her self to call mike's mother (and its no secret how i feel about mike's mother) and say that he isn't paying enough child support so his mother needs to make up the difference because mike is her son. all i have to say about that is wow. jen likes to send out papers around christmas from domestics telling him he is in non compliance. last christmas she had our joint bank account seized.. on christmas eve. so she got my $575.00 check which pissed me off to no end. and domestics doesn't care that it was my check. the real kicker of it was that we waited to buy Timmy's christmas presents to see what everyone else gave him.. and then couldn't get him anything in the end. she probably spent that money to go drinking too.. Victoria has been telling Michael's mother that her mom keeps coming home drunk on a nightly basis... god someone needs to call CYS not that they will do anything. poor kid. they are brainwashing her something awful. well anyways.. now it seems that Michael's mother is willing to help him get her back instead of doing the opposite and aiding Jen. The story of the Captain Crunch is that when we went to Florida to our house.. i would only eat Captain Crunch.. nothing else and that is the only place i would eat it, so when i do now it reminds me of the porch in the summer eating Captain Crunch lol.. then i told him that at the Vermont house i only ate IGA Tasty-o's apple cinnamon to be exact.. i loved those things. so he said i had a cereal for each residence we had lol...Eric then went on a rant about his friends lunacy being a virus, and that he saves too much money. He lives in a trailer, and heats only his bedroom to save money. and won't search the internet because he could get a virus on his computer, here is a direct quote "i have no time for that, everyone when we go out to dinner tries to pay, its a fight over who gets to pay not who doesn't get to pay. pettyness in a man is extremely undesirable, he is so set in his ways!" *sigh* always comes back to money with eric. he is so closed minded. its deplorable. oh and the best was "you save money changing your oil but are you really saving money when the car falls on top of you?" he seems to think that the car will most defiantly fall on top of the person changing the oil. mmm god love what if's!!!!! he believes that the places he goes puts good oil in the cars he brings to cole muffler.. not for $15.00 they don't he is so effin stupid! and i forgot to mention he thinks all Germans followed Hitler... huh? what.. and that every german he knows can't manage money.. (can't begin to tell you how offended i am..) all germans take everything to an extreme.. uh huh.. sure Eric.. well anyways.. i am exhausted.. emotionally, physically and mentally drained.. so i bid you all goodnight.


Lost said...

Haha, that's awesome. A cereal for each residence. <3 Nice. I eat whatever when ever but I do find I crave certain cereals at certain times. Never thought to put a connection there though. Maybe I should.

BluExtacy said...

hehe you never know what you will find.. random isn't it? lmao eric has a way to bring out the special in me.. hehe