Residual Full Moon...

Yeah... so that is the theme of the night.. not sure how many times i uttered the words "is it a fucking full moon or something??!?!" It all started with K having a complete fit.. and i mean a fit.. one that would top most i have seen. i felt really bad because i couldn't for the life of me figure out what was wrong with her. so i I went into give K her shower and i then notice.. wow.. that peg tube is no longer inside her.. what the fuck? my assumption is either she pulled it out..(during her fit.. which is more probable.. due to the fact that it wasn't so messy as one would think it would be) or someone else did. while this is going on T was alll over the place... which is rare.. he usually sits still.. had to keep him away from the stove.. (he is blind, deaf and MR) then when that fiasco got resolved i then started with J's shower... he got the idea to try to spit beyond where he was sitting and nearly toppled out of the shower chair.. so i thankfully was standing in front of him and caught him as he went... the rest of the night was no different.. we found that the laundry had not gotten done from the previous shift.. no one would go to sleep..j kept taking his clothes off... T kept throwing things around the room... i mean my god.. so now i am sitting in my bathtub.. with a bottle.. yes a bottle, not a glass of wine.. cause goddamn i need it! (btw.. the full moon was last night.. so it has to be residual)

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