So far..

Ugh.. morning... and i can't seem to open my eyes yet.. they are glued shut from exhaustion.. or maybe its because everything is soooo slow and icky now.. its like icing outside.. looks like another nice night of no power is fast approaching... you always seem to feel worse when the weather is yucky outside...even Eric is off his game today.. i was one the phone with him for over 20 mins and not once did he go on a rant... apparently he is now keeping out of politics and not watching the news because it riles him up so much.. how strange... though a good course of action if you ask me. i think i have to go start getting ready for work now.. i'll add more later.. hope i don't get puked on again.

And work was a little bit of crazy.. as usual.. no vomit tonight thank god.. a little bit of fisticuffs between my patients.. but.. nothing major... showers were tolerable tonight.. and then.. just as i was leaving.. (after a rousing conversation about how Tamara "don't like these back woods hick towns, cause there are bears" to which i heartily made fun of her for.. ) the power went out... go figure.. and Tamara ran for the door.. just as she did it came back on.. and Krysta was begging us to stay with her, so i told her if it goes out again call me.. i'll bring you candles.. unknowing that the river on the way to my house was now flooding over the street.. well.. just as i hit the top of the drive way.. flicker.. then another flicker.. and then poof no power.. so.. i went home.. braved the streets of death the ice and the flooding.. and thankfully got to my house to find there was power.. *sigh of relief* and called Krysta (yeah she never called me) and then braved the roads again to bring her candles.. and i brought her lots of them! mocha went for the ride too.. then on the way home called PPL and told them there was no power.. (no one had reported it yet) well.. for her sake i hope it comes back on.. meanwhile.. i am gonna stay at my house.. where there is power..

And.. now Krysta called me.. and i am heading back into work again.. ugh (11:24)

2:47am.. the power came back.. and i am home... going to bed.. like omg going to bed!

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