Holy Twelve Hours..

What in the hell? soo like all i remember about last night is i was talking to Dan, Jackie and Kash and mike leaving to rescue the run away toilet paper then nothing... but judging by the txt messages my phone didn't delete.. i fell asleep? at like 7:30 or 8 ish.. how odd is that? nope.. i've just been informed that i disappeared around 9... apparently became coherent enough to send a txt saying sorry at 2 am then nothing... god i suck.. now its like 9:04 am and i am awake.. and very confused.. and a little disoriented.. and i choose to write about it for some reason.. haha.. maybe a nice cup of coffee will get me out of this fog so someone's "little caffeine addict" will wake up *giggle* (i can hear the cat batting around one of my tree ornaments right now.. i didn't know Seuss still played with things..) Ok.. well bath time for me i want to relax and clear my head before i go to work.. *shudder*

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