Ugh... Mornings...

I hate mornings.. not sure if i ever said that.. but.. if i hadn't.. to reiterate.. i hate mornings.. no i loathe them.. *yawn* i went to bed at like 1?? (dan?? when did i stop talking to you? lmao.. i am getting bad with this falling asleep on you thing lately...) i was EXHAUSTED! now i can't seem to wake up not that i really have to i just want to for some reason.. guess i ought to hit up the coffee... mmmm.. caffeine.. (yeah, yeah... i know.. i am an addict.. i secretly shoot freeze dried Folgers) me and the puppy are having an utterly lazy day laying here watching Tom and Jerry.. talking with James and Khai.. wishing dan was home.. hummm.. so.. cheese danish or Coco Puffs? oooh no.. i have Lucky Charms... (haha Jackie i'm like your future husband!!! hahaha) ok.. i think i am going to share a poem with you..

Morning Poem... (By Danielle D. Curtis)

Woke early one morning,
the earth lay cool and still,
when suddenly a tiny bird,
perched on my window sill,
it sang a song so lovely,
so carefree and so gay,
that slowly all my troubles,
began to slip away,
it sang of far off places,
of laughter and of fun,
it seemed his very song,
brought out the morning sun,
I pulled back the covers,
and crept slowly out of bed,
and gently shut the window,
and crushed his freaking head,
I'm not a morning person

that about sums it up.. humm.. its the christmas episode of Tom and Jerry.. i love this episode.. it's only making me sad now.. cause i am not going to have christmas this year.. i'll be at work.. no santa clause.. no stockings.. no christmas cookies.. no time with mom and dad.. no dinner with aunt nancy.. oh hell.. aunt nancy.. i have to find a way to get home.. ugh.. *tear* this will be my first christmas with out christmas.. *sob* stupid mandatory holiday work..


Jackarooo said...

future husband? but you're a girl ...future wife

BluExtacy said...

ok.. wife then..

Jackarooo said...

sweet ... now my mtoher is really gonan think we are sleeping together. Oh yeah when are you gonna have off and all?? so we cna fuct with her? :)

BluExtacy said...

ill scan my sched for you and email it to you... its nasty..

Lost said...

<3 Hopefully you'll get a Christmas next year, and who knows, you might still have one this. :)

BluExtacy said...

ill have this one with me and the pupps and my MR's they don't have family that visits.. we are their family.. so at least it will be meaningful for them... which makes it mean alot to me..