So i woke up this morning at 8 am.. those of you who know me really well.. know that i am an utter cunt in the wee hours of the am.. but i had to go to the inservice.. *vomits* it was alright.. then i rushed back up to moscow.. and ran in my house to say hi to my puppers and talk to dan for a bit.. and rushed out to Goldsboro to meet janice.. after all that jazz was over with i and my unlucky ass got to do the pick up for the day.. i hate that damn van.. i hate hate hate it.. i also brought it to the car wash.. which i should say i have never ever been to one of those things where they like have the machines.. i always just wash my car myself.. it was pretty weird.. and a little freaky.. (i know.. i am odd that i have never done that before but they say those things scratch your car) well after this i got to go on a long ass trip to Idle Hour Lanes in Dixon City.. the crappy place i first met Johnny on that fateful night where i wish i had had the flu or something. i honestly thought it was gonna be a bit emotional since i haven't been there since then and we used to go all the time. but i was so engrossed in j and him having fun that i didn't really notice.. they have this nifty thing for them where its like a ramp and they just have to roll the ball down the thing to bowl.. instead of lifting the ball and what not... there was a huge group of people.. and he really enjoyed himself... and we sung christmas songs the whole way back as it was snowing.. i am utterly beat.. and have been in the tub since 7 pm.. and am now heading to bed... night everyone!


Jackarooo said...

I told you to go to bed over an hour ago! Now get to bed missy!

BluExtacy said...

wow... thanks mom