Staff meetings and vomit..

yes.. vomit again.. so today we have this staff meeting where its basically janice saying things to us that we did wrong (ie. writing in the visitors log in red, Chrysta using whiteout on the shift exchange.. silly things like that) and all the time janice is rambling on and on.. and on... and on... and on.. and.. you get the idea.. i was watching K out of the corner of my eye. as she was slowing making her way down the hallway to her room.. vomiting as she went.. well janice was reiterating for the 100 time the same point.. i was listening.. because you could actually hear her vomit splat on the CARPET... so i started to count how many times i heard it.. i got up to 16 before janice took a breath, and finally i say.. "ummm i'll be right back i want to bring K out here before our rug is covered with stomach acid" so i go and get her.. and she stands in the kitchen.. for about two mins (puked there too) then she starts moving back down the hallway.. and does it some more. bye the time janice was FINALLY done, she had vomited 37 times.. no freggin lie alllll the way to her bedroom. it was like she was leaving large vomit bread crumbs so she could find her way back home. it was gawd awful.. then there is that whole thing about how when i changed her, she puked on my head. *sigh* the rest of the night, we hug out in silence.. watched Swanson drunk on my laptop and had a few laughs.. but yeah.. that was my night..

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