Warm Fuzzy Puppies and Yittle Kitties...

so.. i had such a crappy day at work.. full of vomit... and i mean full.. it was EVERYWHERE!!! but.. some how when i got home i climbed right into bed.. and mocha was there waiting for me.. then she wrapped her little doggie paws around my leg and curled up next to me.. and i felt much better. there is nothing like puppies to make you fell all warm and fuzzy... i have the worlds greatest dog. she is always there for me and doesn't judge me or fight with me or make me unhappy.. all she wants to do is snuggle and love me.. and i love her soooo much!!! so i was telling dan how cute she was being.. and now i am trying to convince him to get a kitty cause he likes kitties. i was thinking about getting another puppy.. so mocha has a friend... it may be tough.. she is dog aggressive.. having been fought when she was little.. people who fight pits have no heart.. because they are the most loving breed of dog i have ever encountered..
and very prevalent in american culture.. its the stupid fucks that fight them that give them a bad wrap. so much so my mom won't even pet my pup when she comes to visit.. and it brakes my heart to see the look of sadness in my doggies eyes when people are scared of her. she is quite possibly the most non threatening dog ever. i have let her play with infants.. and know what she does? she lays on the floor and sticks her little puppy tongue out and give them small gently kisses.

I hope after all that.. people out there think.. at least a little..

and i should also mention.. its not just the dogs getting hurt.. my kitty is a rescue too.. they feed cats to the dogs to make them mean and give them a taste of blood.


Lost said...

I think my Sedona is part pit. We think she's Lab pit, she's the sweetest dog ever. :)

BluExtacy said...

all pits are the best dogs ever hehe.. if she has pit in her im sure she is very loving.. :)