"The moon on the breast of the new-fallen snow, Gave the lustre of mid-day to objects below..."

huh? ok.. so i woke up to this fresh beautiful blanket of snow this morning.. omg gorgeous.. the sun was glistening off of it.. it truly is a winter wonderland out there... (seth.. yes it looks like glitter) gotta go play where's waldo with my car.. find the hybrid in the snow... in 11-14 inches of snow that is.. i love the snow.. i was hating it the other day.. but i have resolved to let all that just roll off my back.. i'll see my family as soon as i can. it was snowing in FFLD when i woke up so i know i would have run into snow there.. today we are going to shovel snow.. hang some more lights (blue and white for Jackie's Chanukah celebratin ass hahaha love you though...) and then head to the Steamtown Mall (ooh sorry head "up the mall" gotta be an authentic NEPAian) *vomits* to hit up a store that his closing.. and possibly wander boscovs.. i'll post pictures later.. gotta get back to cleaning my house and playing the its mine game with mike.. kill me... hope everyone is having a great day!

Well.. it's officially not better.. i missed a call from dan because michael wanted to fight with me.. what else is new.. and we can't come to terms on any one thing. and apparently i am supposed to be a mind reader.. which i thankfully am not.. oh and i am quite possibly the biggest bitch in the world.. and i don't care about other people and michael is my "whipping post" or whatever.. i love how i start my day optimistically.. and as per usual someone has to crash my world down around me.. i just cant win. and i am so very sick of loosing.

so in an effort to dull my melancholy attitude we went to the mall... what were we thinking? we went to my favorite store which was closing and had a 75% off sale i got tons of stuff for $25 it was pretty cool but the place looked like a hurricane went through it i mean omg! there were clothes just thrown around boxes of shoes and all that it was insane!!! then we wandered around for while and hit a few more stores i had to got to Chakra (the old sojourner of course) i found one thing i wanted there and then we went to Kaiser Oak for a bit then home.. and as usual i am exhausted lol.. probably didn't help that i shoveled snow as well lol..


Lost said...

*furrows brows*

You are not a bitch.. gr. Stupid Michael.

Unfathomable said...

you definitely arent a bitch, hon. *hugs*