Work on X-Mas..

It was tolerable, i cooked a yummy dinner for my patients of my grandmothers meat-loaf.. i looked all Christmased out lol.. with my little hunter green dress and red sweater. Kinda felt like Ellen Griswald on crack.. ugh.. well anyways.. J was excited allll night about Santa coming. Which was very cute, and i talked to Aunt Nancy for a bit.. which was rather awkward, she kept repeating herself, and not making any sense at all... i worry so about her. so now here i am its christmas morning.. and i would have opened my stocking by now.. and been halfway through presents.. laughing with my family. but no, i am laying in my bed all alone, just me and mocha. knowing in two hours i have to go back to work. and i am working the shift all by my lonesome. *sigh* this is such a crappy christmas. i think i am gonna go cry for a few hours.

Just found this IM from my mum... "Merry Christmas, Karin and Mike. You will be with us in spirit all day. Love, Mom." god.. i wanna go homeeeeee!!!!


Lost said...

*frowns, sighs and shakes head*

I'm sorry you can't be home with your family. I know how you feel though love.. :(

BluExtacy said...

thanks Khai.. *hugs and kisses*