Work went well last night.. it was.. rather uneventful thankfully, but i was utterly amazed with J. He is the most caring, loving, helpful person in the home. Constantly ready to lend a hand, Spreading out the blocks for T, helping him to the table for dinner with skill and attention to detail that rivals my own. He seems very fascinated with the color orange and orange cars.. i am going to try to find him an orange car for christmas i think, he keeps telling me he wants to take me for a ride in his orange car, I asked Eric for all his old car magazines figured it would make him happy because the one he has is well loved and a little tattered. I have come to realize the best approach with him is compassion, he responds very well to it. He was really upset when he returned home, he was told to take five in his room but he did not want to he sat on the couch, and when he was hugged and talked to kindly calmed right down. *sigh* i of course forgot my guitar.. must remember on monday!! oh well.. guess thats all on that for now!

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