Ghetto Giant..

Ha! So we just went on a food shopping trip to da Giant in da town of Scranton.. and if you lived around here you would know you have to pronounce scranton.. like a dirty scary hick from the ghetto... forged in hells half acre.. what? yeah... i dunno... i spent way too much money.. but i have food again now so jackie can't complain and guess what? i got TOILET PAPER!! of course it got left there and i just called the Giant.. so now Mike is on his way back to go get the TP.. oops.. w00t! hehe... we drove there listening to the ever so harmonious (thanks dan) musical masterpieces of Dr. Dre.. and Snoop Dog... Neptunes Bitches!! (what?!? riiighhht... ) i was seriously contemplating the good ol' tuck n' roll at 68 mph in traffic.. (don't believe me? ask dan how many mayday txt messages i sent him... one of which i mentioned the tuck n' roll) To quote jackie "music is like candy throw out them "wrappers" hah! so anyways.. i got tons of food.. i am really tired.. i start work tomorrow i think.. i am looking forward to it but not.. i am really nervous to go back to work. it has been so long! i am just hoping i remember how to do my job. i mean when you have people counting on you.. it's imperative you do your job well.. i am probably just freaking myself out for no reason.. but.. i do that..


Jackarooo said...

Don't jump out of moving crs thats a bad idea.... I know Mikes bald head is scary and all but I would like you to remain solid and breathing if at all possible ... and yes both at the same time

Lost said...

Just make sure to get plenty of rest hun. I'm sure you'll do fine at work tomorrow/today.

BluExtacy said...

Khai.. i think i got too much rest!! i apparently got 12 hours!!! and jackie.. ya don't want me to be squishy and cuddly? hehe