Pancakes and Curly Fries..

So Jackie and I woke up rather late.. and then wrote the blog below about yesterday.. then.. we ventured out for a place to eat. I hadn't as of yet tried "Jonathan's Diner" down the road from me... I believe Jackie described it as quaint. Well we went there for food. Jackie decided she wanted pancakes, however, with her pancakes she wanted curly fries. Which normal people don't order together. So I was more in the mood for a lunch type of thing and ordered a ruben. I offered to order her fries for her. Well.. when I did the waitress said ok.. well yours comes with them so i'll just change the order.. well.. at this point I ended up have to explain that I was ordering for her because it seemed so absurd of her to get curly fries with her pancakes, and then I told her she really does want her own order of curly fries. After this, and the look we both got, I am utterly convinced.. she thinks we are a couple. So then Jackie sat there texting Dannie (the cradle robber) and Eagle AGAIN and I sat there texting Dan.. so we were the most boring detached couple there is if we are.. I was drawing some grapes on my place-mat too while I was waiting.. and every few minuets or so Jackie decided to inform me that it looked like I was drawing pancreatic cancer. I wasn't I was sooo drawing grapes. So Jackie also wanted me to point out how pathetic we are that we write lists of talking points, ha! So this woman (our waiter was screaming about how someone there thinks she looks 40) So I jumped in and said well someone asked me yesterday if Jackie was my daughter.. (i'm 25 she's 23) no word to lie true story that we forgot to share with you on the montrose entry. I wasn't sure if I should be offended or laugh at Jackie. Then we went to the mall to look at Vibrators and silly things of that nature and then home again.. day isn't over yet so maybe more later..


Lost said...

Damn, they really thought she was your daughter? >.< But over all, this has made me smile, laugh, and even want to cry. Awesome, almost makes me envy your life. :P You and Jackie seem to have some amount of fun, which is always a plus.

Lost said...

Also wanted to add - I like French toast, with fries.. and ranch dressing.. LMAO.

BluExtacy said...

yeah :) i love my crazy jackie :) we always have a good time and for real.. my daughter.. haha she was tired and had laid her head on my shoulder guess that was the only way the elderly woman could rationalize two women so close together lol...and french toast with fries and ranch dressing? you'll have to come out with us you'll fit right in!! haha