*yawn* WTF?

so like seriously.. WTF? i slept 12 hours again.. why do i keep doing that? it's maddening! i can't do that and not wake up in utter pain.. i hate my life sometimes.. gurrr... ever notice when you sleep way too much you wake up more tired than when you went to bed? how in hell does this make sense? it's most certainly going to be a "drink and ass load of coffee" kind of day for me... *sigh* i suppose i should get that.. i really don't feel like going to work today.. there is snow all over.. and i hate driving in the snow.. and i am so tired.. fuck.. of course i'll get there and be fine as usual.. i just don't have my heart into it today.. and how can you take care of people with out any heart? which reminds me.. when i had been talking to Chris DeMont.. he told me Crazy Whitney got a job as a caregiver... and of course our first reaction was you have to care to be a caregiver. i can she her ignoring the clients she worked for and not doing a damn thing.. possibly piling them in her car to go stalk Chris just as she did with her son on a nightly basis. if she even had that job in the first place. i am not sure who would hire her for a job like that, one look into her crazy eyes and its enough to scare the boogie man away. i mean i can't even begin to describe how horrifying her eyes are, they remind me of when Missy was into heroin... this lifeless, soulless, empty shell of a person. and those people are the most evil, mainly because they just don't care who or what they hurt or destroy. and they will go though every life they come in contact with and do everything they can to mangle and maim it. worse that the bubonic plague nah.. worse than a nuclear bomb going off. (here's where the proper response would be "tell me how you really feel") i feel like Clarks Summit needs to have an open hunting season for Whitney, we can hunt other animals why not her? i would be the first on there.. with jackie right on my heals. gotta remember i have been shooting to the right.. ugh.. what? so anyways.. with all that said.. i'd better watch myself.. she may put a spell on me being a self proclaimed dark witch and all.. (doesn't that like go completely against the code of paganism? what was it? "harm non do what ye will?" something like that... maybe the rule of three will get her.. one can hope..) and she has her little witchy store.. i wouldn't buy anything from there your house is liable to burn down. she still owes Nikki for the candles she never paid her for. stupid cunt. she doesn't care one ounce about what happens to the people in her life. i kind of wish i had come down with botchlism the day i met her.. (wheres Shirley when we need her? haha... jax... remember? omg) anyways.. yeah.. think i am done.. we'll see...

I lied.. eric just told me i "cultivate the stray dogs of the world, you are never happy unless you are helping someone in need and unfortunately they are the problem." (ummm... not sure how to take that.. but i have moved up from attracting to i now cultivate) and then we had a debate about who is worse Crazy Whitney or Raine.. hands fucking down Crazy Whitney!!!!! hands fucking down.. wow.. why would he even bring that up? haha.. and oh.. he thought of me when he saw a christmas in CT thing.. and is now babbling about my upbringing.. and the Vanderbilt's.. *sigh* i am not a snob.. but he seems convinced of it.. oy vay. lol.. well.. i ought to go pay attention to him..

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