I never heard of anyone who had the keys to life. but thoes who frequent the art openings, these, pretentious, egotistical, people who live a pseudo-existence, of their own creation, are convinced.. utterly convinced they have all the answers... "people who define success and meaning of life on their own terms" is Eric's description. Smug little "pishy poshy" people who sit upon their high horses and in their ivory towers are just self centered.. interested in only their field/walks of life and have absolutely no desire to expand beyond that and have the gaul to look with distain upon all others... It's the reason i left CT they are alll like that there.. its despicable, its the ol' "Marry Poppin's Syndrome" i do believe i have mentioned this before, the inability to see past the tip of your nose. They flock like rabid dogs to the wine and cheese and "culture" but do they for one second care about the artist? nooooo i doubt it highly, they care about the image they ooze that they are actually educated cultured people. when in reality, ha! could not be further from the truth. they live in their world of lies, its always the ones with nothing who like to pretend they have something. where as those of us who do.. are utterly bored with it and strive to better ourselves in every way. god, go back up to Waverly, sip tea with the ladies of high court (LMFAO!) and leave those who are real alone!


Lost said...

*mouth goes agape and just stares a moment* Wow..

Heh, despite I'm confused, at the same time I completely understand O.O and agree...


BluExtacy said...

sorry didn't mean to confuse.. i know its a bit discombobulated.. just stupid people that go to art openings.. they piss me off.. and get under my skin.. thats alll